Small Biz Boost

Small businesses are the heart and soul of the community. They serve, give, and build. Unfortunately, many businesses are missing out on customers. Despite having been in their community for years, they are not well known. Part of this is because they are too busy serving their customers and keeping their operations running to invest in marketing. Some business owners are uncomfortable with marketing because they are not comfortable with being “salesy” or they do not feel confident in using technology.

To recap, the top 3 reasons business owners are not reaching customers are

  1. Not enough time
  2. Marketing feels pushy
  3. Uncomfortable with technology

4HG Consulting assists small business owners by helping them identify the best social media channels to participate in, developing content calendars, brand suites (brand colors, fonts, and voice), online tool setup (e.g. Canva, Buffer, etc…), hashtag research, as well as reviewing and optimizing your website.

Ideally, your social media and website offer a cohesive brand experience and communicate your awesomeness to your clients.

We offer 3 solutions to help you reach customers and increase your sales.

Consistency makes your brand known

A good website experience builds trust

Social Media is your online marketplace, connecting you and your customers

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