About Shay

5 years and 3 business ventures have led me here. I started as an Emotional Wellness life coach, began a non-profit organization providing resources for families, and provided educational services. Really, I just want to help people.

But running a business requires a significant time investment, even more so if you try to run more than one. In this same timeframe, our family matriarch died and I was responsible for handling the estate. I was pregnant 3 times but only the last one stayed with us. Our current state of affairs is in flux.

So I’m downsizing. One project: this site. I’m talking about any and everything that I’m passionate about. Mostly. All the homeschool stuff is actually over at Provision Academy. But that’s it. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Lessons Learned: 

  • Give only what you can afford
  • Say no
  • Budget time and money wisely
  • Rehearse the lessons
  • Be patient
  • See it through til the end